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Oh hi LJ

Wow it's Livejournal... some of you are still posting. What needs are you meeting on LJ that aren't met via Facebook? 


Was trying to post a comment to, of all things, a National Review column on DADT repeal in which the author claims, "it’s quite possible to be pro–gay rights generally and still to support marriage as the union of husband and wife."

So I wrote:

According to whose definition of "pro-gay rights"? I think pretty much the only gay people who don't include marriage in their list of top gay rights are the really radical kweer activists (your language filter won't allow me to post the actual word they identify with) who would generally prefer abolishing the secular aspect of marriage for everyone.

So, which side do you want to side with? Because I think the only other people you'll find who agree with you that marriage rights are not an integral part of gay rights are straight people.

Funny to complain about service members opinion's not being given enough weight in terms of making military policy but feel quite comfortable dismissing the opinions of a minority class regarding how to remedy unfair harms against them.

I didn't see my comment post immediately, and I was invited to review the Comments Policy of the website. I'm like, 4REALZ?

Commenters who over time prove trustworthy and considerate may be invited to post directly to the website. This is an initiation-only process. If a commenter is approved by NRO, a star () will appear alongside his or her comments.

Wow. It gets worse from there. Can you imagine spending much time on a forum where the conversation is constrained to those folks who only say things the site owners like?

I think part of this is just because their right wing crazies audience would get too out of hand if given an open mic. But it really was funny not to be able to use the word "queer" because they have to filter it it out or else their user base will use it to do nothing but queer bash.

Holacracy website

Holacracy website, originally uploaded by EgoMagickian.

A good poem

A good poem, originally uploaded by EgoMagickian.

On the cover of The Sun

OMG even better is a good poem read to you while on a sacred mind-altering substance!

Also, who the fuck typeset that block? There oughtta be a law...

To LJ or not to LJ...

I should start posting on LJ again, Y/N?

No one ever said it was easy being green


I'm inheriting a rental property from my grandma that needs to be completely fixed up... at first we thought we could keep the kitchen cabinets, but after all of the changes we're making in the rest of the house, it became apparent that they have to go.

Out of four basic price ranges for cabinets, the three less expensive ones are all made with plastic. Yech, unacceptable. I've been specifying all green materials for this renovation.

"Cheap and easy" is only cheap and easy if it's not also self-destructive, otherwise it's actually more expensive and difficult in the long run, somewhere, sometime. Although it's probable that I wouldn't have to personally bear most, if any, of the sustainability costs of using cheaper materials.

I have to admit, as the price tag goes up, I'm finding it harder to stick to principles.

Oh noes

Oh noes, originally uploaded by EgoMagickian.

A twink snuck into my bear collection!

Feature, not a bug

Feature, not a bug, originally uploaded by EgoMagickian.

My new houseplant

My new houseplant, originally uploaded by EgoMagickian.

Time to reclaim our bacterial heritage


...it is necessary to debunk the some obsolete myths about bacterial reproduction. For a long time it was assumed that because there is no shuffling of the chromosomes in asexual reproduction, that evolution must happen very slowly among asexual organisms such as bacteria. As it turns out, bacteria are actually far more genetically promiscuous than other organisms, not less, to the point where the very concepts of species and individual hardly apply to them at all. Bacteria regularly exchange genetic material through a variety of means: via bacteriophages, by emitting plasmids and other DNA fragments into the environment for other bacteria to take up, and even by joining together and directly exchanging genetic material in a kind of asexual bacterial "sex".

Later it gets really good:

Indulge me while I speculate, half-seriously, that bacterial life is one of near-constant bliss, akin to a perpetual state of sexual union with the universe. When we humans engage in sexual intercourse we recover, for a few moments, a state of being that was once the baseline of existence in a time of greater union and less separation. When we "make love" we let down our boundaries on many levels—hence the appropriateness of that euphemism, love being nothing other than a release of the boundaries that separate us from another being. Bacteria maintain such boundaries far less vigilantly than nucleated organisms, and could thus be said to be that much more in love with the world.

Hehe... from http://www.ascentofhumanity.com/chapter2-1.php



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